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I help creative professionals take back control over anxiety, ADHD, and autism or aspergers.

Helpful Solutions for the Creative Professional

I help creative professionals with anxiety or ADHD take back control

Do you feel like you're struggling just to keep up? Is life stress making it hard to calm yourself and focus? Have you ever wondered if you might have ADHD or Autism? Our minds can do so many things well, but the little things may become really difficult when we are under pressure. This can happen even when we don't realize we're under stress!

If you're feeling the pressure, If you're always tense, if you're having trouble focusing, if you're getting behind on things that are tedious or boring, if you're kicking yourself for getting stuck -- there's HOPE! If you are struggling to keep up with the demands of work, school or the changes in your life, click to book an appointment now! 

Stillwater offers counseling that is custom-tailored for creative professionals ages 20 to 50 (and up).. Our counselor, Martin Altman, LPC, is very familiar with treating ADHD, Anxiety, and mild-to-moderate Depression, among other things. We all go through all sorts of stress in life, and this can lead to shame, guilt, self-doubt, regret, and lots of other problems. Changes come and go, and we each have to pick up the pieces. Counseling helps you make sense of very complex situations so that the stress isn't overwhelming. It helps you get un-stuck and frees you up to move on toward your personal goals.

"Before I started coming in for therapy, I had a lot of things to talk about. I didn't realize how much there was! But you've made me feel safe enough to talk about these things, and now I feel a lot better."
- Client (Student, 21) 

"I've learned several ways I can help myself with my ADHD while I work from home. I'm doing better at work now, and I feel better about myself.
Thank you!"
- Client (Entrepreneur, 36) 

"I still worry about some things and have some anxiety, but it's not as bad or as much. I'm starting to accept that I can be me and be OK."
- Client (Homemaker, 39)


Got Stress?
When human beings experience stress, we will usually respond with either anxiety or depression. Sometimes we experience both. Anxiety and depression are two sides of the same stress-response coin. Most people are more prone to one or the other, but we all experience them daily.

Counseling helps you figure out where the anxiety and depression are coming from. Maybe there's a situation in your life that needs to be addressed. Maybe you just need to talk it out to make sense of it. Maybe you need to figure out your next move. We can help you sort it all out in a way that brings clarity and helps you make your best decision. Click the tabs in the menu of this site to learn more about my approach.

Martin frequently works with clients who have Level 1 Autism, also known as "Aspergers Syndrome." He is fascinated by the restorative power of creativity, logic, design, and ingenuity. These things bring us back to a resilient life when needed. We use them to return ourselves to the present moment when we've been in an emotional vortex.

The term "neurodivergence" is most often applied to the Autism Spectrum, but it refers to anyone whose neurology or psychology is a little different from most other people. Not wrong, just different. Anyone with ADHD, Autism, and many other diagnostic labels could be considered "neurodivergent", which broadens the scope of the term significantly! The most creative, logical, genius-level people we've ever met were people with some level of neurodivergence. This is a widely accepted truth in fields like the sciences, technology, aerospace, coding, art, all types of engineering, entrepreneurship, and many others.
Neurodivergence is beautiful. Click the tabs for ADHD and Autism in the menu of this site for more specific information on our approach.

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In-Person: Mon, Tues &  Wed
Telehealth: Any weekday
Help with ADHD, Anxiety, and Life's Transitions



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