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Life stress can make it hard to calm ourselves and focus. Our minds can do so many things well, but the little things may become really difficult when we're under pressure. This can even happen when we don't realize we're under stress! If you're feeling the pressure, If you're always tense, if you're having trouble focusing, if you're getting behind on things that are tedious or boring, if you're kicking yourself for getting stuck -- there's HOPE! If you are struggling to keep up with the demands of work, school or the changes in your life, click to book an appointment now! 

"Before I started coming in for therapy, I had a lot of things to talk about. I didn't realize how much there was! But you've made me feel safe enough to talk about these things, and now I feel a lot better."
- Client (Student, 21) 

"I've learned several ways I can help myself with my ADHD while I work from home. I'm doing better at work now, and I feel better about myself.
Thank you!"
- Client (Entrepreneur, 36) 

"I still worry about some things and have some anxiety, but it's not as bad or as much. I'm starting to accept that I can be me and be OK."
- Client (Homemaker, 39)



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In-Person: Mon, Tues &  Wed
Telehealth: Any weekday
Help with ADHD, Anxiety, and Life's Transitions



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