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What Is Adult ADHD?

Put simply, ADHD is a neurological difference that makes it difficult for us to focus on boring or tedious tasks. BUT it often also comes with some incredible strengths, such as high creativity, high intuition, and the ability to super-focus for long periods of time and excel at interesting things.  A new movement proposes renaming it to the "Variable Attention Stimulus Trait," rather than call it a "disorder", since a relatively high percentage of people qualify as having ADHD. 


One of the most troubling aspects of ADHD is the Default Mode Network, or "DMN". This is the neural network that we all have that engages in regret, shame, self-doubt, over-thinking, and re-playing. It is the home of that shoulda-woulda-coulda  energy that we all can get caught up in. While a non-ADHD ("neurotypical") person can turn off the DMN to focus when needed, the person with ADHD may struggle to turn it off.  I teach ways to turn it off and also ways to manage difficult emotions in the moment.

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What To Do?

First, we can learn to recognize when we are being impacted by ADHD symptoms. Next, we can implement simple but important life-style changes to help regulate our mental energy. We can also learn to employ highly personalized organizational strategies to promote our executive functioning. Additionally, we can learn to wait, to slow down, to settle ourselves, and to listen well when we are in important conversations.  There IS hope and I can help you!

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