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Hey, Atlanta!

As a counselor in Atlanta, I have the privilege of experiencing a dynamic and enriching environment that offers diverse opportunities for professional growth and personal connection. I particularly enjoy the city's rich tapestry of landmarks and public attractions, which provide ample opportunities for clients to explore and engage in self-discovery. From the historic beauty of the Atlanta Botanical Garden to the bustling energy of Centennial Olympic Park, there's no shortage of inspiring spaces to facilitate meaningful conversations and therapeutic breakthroughs. Additionally, Atlanta's status as a hub for large businesses fosters a diverse clientele base, allowing me to work with individuals from various industries and backgrounds. I especially appreciate collaborating with creative professionals, drawing inspiration from their unique perspectives and experiences. Overall, being a counselor in the Atlanta area offers a rewarding blend of cultural richness.

Growing up on a farm near Waycross, Georgia taught me the value of hard work and the importance of being connected to nature. I bring this outdoorsy approach and small town wisdom to my counseling practice, helping clients navigate the fast-paced big city lifestyle without feeling overwhelmed

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