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Autism Spectrum Disorder Level 1
(Aspergers or High-Functioning Autism)

Do you prefer to keep to yourself and focus on the things you find very interesting instead of going to a party or social event? Is it sometimes difficult for you to make friends, but you've never understood why? Do you get lost in intricate, data-filled projects for days on end? Do you like to talk about things that others seem to find boring? Do your five senses sometimes feel out of balance or extra-sensitive? Has anyone ever suggested that you might be "on the spectrum"?  

I meet with people in your situation every day. They went to school very successfully, they earned a degree, and now they're in a career or attending college, but they still don't feel like they fit in.
You're not broken, and you're not wrong. i can help. Please read on:

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How We Help:

I probably can't turn you into a social butterfly. Which is fine, because you probably didn't want that, anyway, right? You probably just want to learn ways to communicate better. Maybe you want to gain another friend or two, or to learn how to understand your partner better. That's where I come in.

People with symptoms of the Autism Spectrum or of ADHD often refer to themselves as "neurodivergent".  Likewise, they refer to people who are not this way as "neurotypical."  I'll help you understand the differences in the ways that neurodivergent people and neurotypical people think and act. I'll help you learn to fit in better in a (mostly) neurotypical world. Lastly, I'll help you learn to lean in to the unique strengths and differences that you bring to the table. 

A Word About Wording:

Autism Spectrum Disorder can cause a very wide variety of symptoms and occurs across a broad spectrum of intensity.  As our profession's understanding of autism grows, the language we use to describe it also grows. However, we are still in process! We often refer to a person's level of impact from autism as Level I, II, or III, with intensity increasing in each level. We may also refer to some people as "High Functioning". It is very important to remember that none of these phrases fully describe the whole, unique person who is affected!


At Stillwater ATL, we believe that a person is a person first! Any diagnosis used toward them is just a label, but a person is a PERSON with a unique personality and a set of experiences of great value to their fellow humans! So, come learn to use your unique giftings to benefit your life, the lives of others, and the WORLD! We all know it needs you!


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