Self Care: It's Part of Your Job.

School kids across Metro Atlanta are returning back to school, and us parents are returning back to those countless hours in car-rider lines, at ball practices, at band practices, or cheer....or dance...or...

In all the hullaballoo, we can also lose ourselves. We can work so hard to make sure that our children have the opportunities to do the things they want to do that we lose family cohesion. We lose cuddle times on the couch. We lose family dinners eaten at a table. We lose time for doing yard work as a family. But, as parents, we also can lose time for our self care. The act of self care allows us to re-connect ever so briefly with those parts of ourselves that we like, respect, and enjoy. Self care re-centers us so that we can be unselfish givers to our families. It may feel selfish to run yourself a bath, to indulge in a venti coffee, to spend an hour reading, but it's actually one of the best gifts you can give your family.

I used to have a hard time allowing myself to engage in self-care. I'd talk myself out of it by telling myself that I needed to focus on work or on the family instead of myself. So my brain just kept hopping from one stressor to another, trying to keep up with my perceived "shoulds". Then I was introduced to the idea that regardless of your occupation, self care is actually PART OF YOUR JOB. It's part of your job as employee, executive, home manager, mother, father... whatever your job is. Self care allows you to breathe for a moment so that you can greatly improve performance in those roles. So if you're feeling used up, tired, disconnected, depressed, anxious, or avoidant, go ahead and try some self-care. And if you still find that you need someone to talk to, schedule an appointment. I look forward to seeing you.