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Photo of Stillwater Counseling's therapist, Martin Altman, LPC

Hello, Vinings!

I am excited to offer you top-quality counseling in Vinings! My office is located on Cumberland Parkway in Vinings, and I have lived in the Metro Atlanta area for over 20 years. In my career, I have worked for The Home Depot, a few hospitals, and a few churches across Atlanta. I have served students, engineers, skilled tradespeople, pilots, business managers, entrepreneurs, pastors, home-makers, creatives, and many others. I look forward to serving you, as well.

Why Vinings?

A few years after opening my private practice, I realized that I was great at serving creative professionals. Their drive, zeal for life, and spunk made them relatable, because I am one myself! I soon realized that the best possible place to have my office would be Vinings, GA! This is, after all, the place to be for the young upstart who's launching a professional career. And with The Home Depot Store Support Center close by, as well as multiple fine restaurants (I adore First Watch!), and plentiful options for apartment living, Vinings, GA just seemed to be the natural choice.


Vinings is also ideally situated on I-285. My office is easily reached from Marietta, Kennesaw, downtown Atlanta, Decatur, Sandy Springs, and Buckhead. Even my personal commute from Douglasville isn't bad at all. 

I hope you'll consider starting therapy in-person or via telehealth soon!

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