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What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is sometimes used synonymously with "worry", but it's so much more than that. Anxiety is the consuming tension that can lead to getting stuck in rumination or brooding or irrational thought or action. Anxiety usually keeps us up at night worrying about things we can't control. Anxiety can even threaten our relationships, Many of us have been dealing with anxiety since our teenage years or even before, so we may not even realize it's there.  

The GOOD NEWS is that you can introduce lifestyle changes that can really help you manage anxiety. You can regain control.

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What To Do:

In order to manage anxiety, you first have to learn how to recognize it.. Where do you feel tension in your body when stressed? What time of day does it bother you the most? How can you pinpoint when it is impacting you? From there, it's about managing thoughts and disengaging from anxious, "stuck" thought processes. My services teach you to first identify the effects of anxiety and then t0 shut down thoughts that only lead to more negative, cyclical thinking. I'll also encourage you to get CREATIVE, using your artful interests to express and explore the conflicts that are making you anxious. 

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The Importance of Exercise

One of the simplest and most impactful things you can do for anxiety is to exercise. Stress causes our brains to produce cortisol, which prepares our whole body for a flight-or-flight response. However, in most professional situations there's no one to run away from, and, well, punching a co-worker isn't a good option either. So, we de-stress by jogging, walking, working out, doing yard work, or any other activity that involves high physical output.  This is an important part of any anxiety-management routine. I'll encourage you to stay very active to help regulate your stress.

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